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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PST

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issue of expanding the roll of clean air but whether this is commercial or eventually residential and nothing it more critical in the global warning so we applaud many we hope it passes we're interested, of course, in the issues raised by the clean power 70 group we are big fans of power but this legislation needs to move forward and we're they've you're bringing it forward. >> thank you very much mr. wolf. >> thank you, supervisors bryce wolf hate ashbury would you be able i stand in support with the speakers that support this legislation. >> thank you for introducing it is needed at this point
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one of the amendments regarding the clean power sf we know it's not implemented hopefully soon next year that will be we feel i understand at the beginning of the hearing we can't micromanage or give direction but by stating extra power going to 70 sf is doing that so we'll hope when clean power sf comes on line it will be considered for preferential treatment we can't say that in the language we can with a caveat we can do what we want but the individual residents there should be some equality with them thank you. >> mr. brooks. >> good afternoon again
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supervisors eric brooks san francisco green local grassroots and representing the san francisco clean energy aligns with hanging and 350 sf first of all, to thank the authenticities for this legislation it the crucial that the san francisco rules committee sells this power at recites i respectfully strongly disagree with others who came forward claiming that is a mandate we've heard from the staff this is not a mandate this is just gives the sfpuc the stools to eye it's good judgment to make a deal for logical purposeers when it's good for them and if the sfpuc decides that pg&e is the better service provider so be it this
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self-mandate anything to get to clean power sf it is we've been working with you all and the city attorney trying to make sure we have the language for the clean power sf two sunday's ago the huge power with the international peaceable on global warming we have to make sure this board gives the strongest possible voices when it speaks to sfpuc we feel since the city attorney was clear that makes the sfpuc has the discretion we i think it's okay to put the word preferentially it is making clear the sfpuc gets to decide as booument so we want to put that word -
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>> thank you very much is there is there any additional public comment on item 3? seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor kim >> thank you happy to make the motion to move this forward with with a positive recommendation as a committee report i actually want to add my name as a sponsor reading the ordinance this is the right step moving forward being in the negotiation with the puc last year, we did an open puc to see who would be the provider the puc submitted the best bid we were able to negotiate something that will be highly beneficial to the city at large and i represent treasure island where
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currently puc provides the power to the private residents it's one of the few neighbors i think it's great for the city for us to provide this not only does that gives us more leverage in terms of financing our infrastructure but it's important for our residents and employers to have that type of available to them speaking on clean choice agency vacation this is a program we strongly support and we would like to see move forward it is something that voters said going they wanted this as an option east of they have to pay for it, it's the right thing to do i want to thank the authors and happy to support more of those partnerships and add my name as
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a co-sponsor. >> so the amendments i've described we we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. the amendments are adapted so i want to first of all, thank everyone on all sides and supervisor breed and supervisor kim so far co-authoring the legislation i think people think this legislation is going to change everything overnight what this will do give the puc the stool that it needs for many, many years to increase the number of retail customers to generate nor crucial revenue to meet it's infrastructure needs it's in everyone's interest for the puc to meet the infrastructure needs whether the system or going down to the street light system that benefits all san franciscans
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i want to address i have great respect for the beaumont and chamber of commerce i've sad with beaumont and you urged them to meet with the puc and to see their exception the puc has obedience clear it's not in the puc's interest to take on small promotions they're interested in the larger projects it's make sense for the agency and it's committed it's going to work collaborating with the customers it's not a dictate to recall kind of situation we know that the puc works collaboratively we don't have a history of customer choice 2, 3, 4 san francisco when it comes to electricity to suggest it is in any way new for people not to be able to
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automatically have a choice in electrical providers that's not new we have a history of monopoly their advantages and disadvantages to utilize monopolies it is what it is it is not something that is new to say that the puc will be the power provider and one particular power provider if we want to have a greater san francisco historic preservation commission with the business community about choice and electrical providers in san francisco that's a conversation we can have but we can't have it conversation with respect to the puc where you have to or have empire choice, in fact, clean power sf will provide customer choice they can stick with puc
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or president obama out for pg&e there's opposition to the clean power program despite support from the mayor's office and the puc again, if we want to talk about customer choice that's a whittier one to have when it comes to our electrical provider we're trying to make sure that the san francisco public utilities has the retail customer base it needs to be viable so the power enterprise is viable and the infrastructure is viable so i also know i want to respect there that i understand when you're talking about switching or potentially going with the power provider that people are not used to going with there's questions and concerns and we all want the light to go on when
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you turn the lights on but the puc is not like this is an unknown quantity that is an agency the point of interest enterprise that's been providing electricity inform customers for more than one hundred years and when you look at like i said at the beginning the sfo or the fire stations or police stations or the port of san francisco the power works just as well with the transbay external there's no way that supervisor kim will attest the pga has selected this if it's not one thousand confident that power is reliable i said the apprehension and the nervousness he get that but i think it will be borne out that is not how things are going to unfold we know that from a
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hundred years of experience so again, thank you to everyone that came out today and supervisor kim has made a motion to forward item 3 as amended to the full board with with a positive recommendation and as a committee report we'll take that without objection. thank you madam clerk call item 4. >> item 4 is a hearing requesting the municipal agency to report on the high speed rail feet. >> i'm going to get some hot water. >> we're going to take a 2 minute recess - what just for a minute we're in a. >> committee and madam clerk
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you've called item 4 correct so item four is is an oversight hearing to receive an update from the mta will the high speed rail fleet and the agencies plans to maximize the capacity and the capacity of that acknowledging fleet until we receive our next generation of light rail vehicles recently the board of supervisors approved a contract with siemens a one $.2 billion for light rail vehicles this is exciting for the muni riders it will improve our system and the capacity of the system and eventually we'll see twice the number of light rail vehicles we have today
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that's incredibly important our light rail vehicles are working hours in our system they serve a percentage of ridership above ground and in the subway it's critical those lines function the current light rail vehicles are the unreliable sources those vehicles have design detects that cause them to break down and the power systems to fail when they fail it is speculator tar in terms of gumming up the system we don't have nearly enough light rail muni explicit order enough of them 20 some odds years ago and because of the breaks down that happen muni has fewer because of the
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inadequate number of the vehicles we frequently don't have enough service in the system that's why we have too many one car trains the agency doesn't have enough vehicles when vehicles breakdown or in adams it is frequently the case muni didn't have a replacement vehicle and we have to wait for that vehicle to be fixed the agency to its credit has been focused in recent years in rehabilitating the vehicles rae tracing to maximize the adequate number of vehicles we've seen some results i'll say mr. hail i've seen more than two car rails in the subway and my constituents appreciate that but this is a challenging fleet we recently entered into a contract with siemens this is going to revolutionize our system it will
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come up and deaccompany them as and enter the subway and we'll have another advantages to them as well we'll ultimately have twice as many but time to roll them out we'll get the first what i have woody allen wave in a couple of years that will be used to or used for the t line system and so for the next few years we'll be operating exclusively with our inadequate fleet and for a few years after that, the number one t line portions the system will continue to operate exclusively with the vehicles and gradual transition after that a so we need to make the most of the light rail vehicles and make sure their bridging the gap and that as we grow as a city the
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light rail system will grow in captivity and to be reliable for the needs of our riders so i would like to invite up governor jerry brown director of operation for muni to provide us with an just want and get us to one piece to the semen vehicles. >> thank you, supervisor wiener and supervisor kim it's a pleasure to be here again, i have the opportunity to talk about what happening in realtime meaning to improve the system we're at a pivotal or transition moment because part of what you referred to over the loose couple of years we've made with our help and support made a lot of improvements in the service and in the core product i'll ask
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by way of introduction if you can imagine what is the service is we put america's cup all the service open the street and number 2 the perform of the fleet if we didn't have one hundred and 90 service incidents a week that detailed the rail service i'll ask you to imagine if we did a better job when we have detailed we will have with consulting that to our riders and the public in general and finally just also i would ask you to imagine we're taxing care and breaking and entering those state of the infrastructure in support to a condition where you have a quiet ride and less vibration and have a more comfortable ride than right now and clearly we're novelist there
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but i'd like to walk you through some of the things we're doing i believe that we're in the process off both laying the foundation and building on this to get us to the point we say a first class service i think everybody enjoys and is entitled to the order of business is the baseline i think there's a number of good things and number one over the last 18 months to two years we've had as much of seven to eight 0 are percent of the service not go out and the training of operates and putting the schedule we'll have safety and r50ib89 benefits number 2 we've made substantial changes to the maintenance we've put in place the quality insurance team and understanding
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more issues with our inspections and completing them faster and looking at the maintenance programs to make sure that the programs we have in place as both the ridership and the miles go up our goals focus on the kinds of maintenance in the 17 year-old fleet without usage and communications and details we'll talk about that that continues to be a soar point despite urging the social media we've talked about looking at those by the time at that cars b will be here in service for of more years and some of them as long as 10 or 11 we need to continue to make investment in the right things to move forward and the vanessa
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of the l l rb project it is a transformational extent for the agency we'll talk about the particulars but this will really change the face it is a whole new generation of cars from a performance standpoint as well as a customer amenity standpoint and one of the things to note despite our issues we continue to work through them we're joining unprecedent ridership people continue to use the system and we all know given the leadership what is coming down the road we're at a point we believe we're beginning to make progress but right now and to our question supervisor wiener what are we doing now and in the short term and while there's a number of capital improvement like a new radio system one of
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the things we need to do it help our workers and help our operates and station agents deal with the details and make announcements we're in the process of putting in station booth and some standardized messages for when the system is detailed if you ride the busses the stops are called out automatically and announcements last week, we met with the provider of that technology to have it put on the rail system to do the - have the same kind of announcements if in fact, there's a detail we're looking this summer we'll begin the process to as a matter of law the platform sizes up that will be highly viable and better able to make the announcements on the cars and station platforms
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the next one is a point i think this is time for culture change, if you will, in terms of of helping our employees and our riders understand the impacts of holding doors open and kicking doors the handle of the doors the doors represent again, the single biggest source of details on the cars we have to help people understand when they hold the doors open it has a negative impact in areas we'll be undertaking a series of announcements to help people understand that frankly the other thing our system we're going to have details it's difficult because you have a subway detail is effects 5 line we're doing we're stepping up the trouble shooting stills skills for the first responders including a system where our rail inspectors will
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be working with us to move a vehicle to expedite details we're trying to 0 moved in reducing this details and communicating nor focusly in terms of the capacity and before i leave communications could you what is the agency doing to get the operators for consistent in terms of communication there are operators that do a great job keeping riders updated and others you'll be stuck in the subway for minutes and not hear a word sometimes, i hear the operators have a problem getting feedback so they don't know what to say what is the improvement. >> number one and our
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observation is correct tocy it's uneven and some operators do a terrific jimbo bob city job we need to number one we'll refocus a special aspect of training not only for operators on customer service, and, secondly, this will - this help will be available in 3 languages to help the operators make the announcements, if you will, a script or guidance if - in how they do that and we'll train not only the operators but our station agents and front line employees that's along with some of the if we can go to a similar first of all, the advantage of having a report or push button
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announcement system to call out the stops and also to have probably a series of messages depending on what the cause of the incident that if the operators are uncomfortable or not confident communicating then they can push a button and have that prerecorded it works well on buses there's no reason we can't do it on the rail see the other thing we're trying to support them with the staff that's in the field from the control center to make announcements the biggest technology breakthrough that will come with a radio system that allows multiple announcements and multiple people to talk to one another it relies so much on the performance of humans to file that gap by the limit technology but i indicated we can help them out we can do a lot better so -
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>> again, thank you. >> so with that, we then i talked about the service and capacity and this becomes important and i thank tip my hat to all of you both as policymakers and regular riders of the system to suggest something that frankly i'm not sure we would have looked at it makes sense we're pleased with what we're seeing as you pointed out we don't have enough cars to serve everybody again for a lot of different reasons to rehab them and do regular maintenance the fact we're starting with less than we should have to the incision to look at with the one car we did alternative it goes like a longitudinal or more open
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isle we've got mixture feedback but more positive than negative so we're going to do right now in the next couple of months tend to the cars from the first seating to the reconfigure to the longitudinal seating to create more space we're going to focus with the number of operators out over the last several years and some of the problems with the fleet we're trying to get back in front of one of the things we want to see is refocus on timeliness and schedule leaving the terminal early we're in the process you see on the screen to put at key terms a clock clock to provide
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departure times and we're reassessing the schedules they were built with operate and car restraints and don't allow turn around time for a break we're doing another thing from a service and safety standpoint we have a lot of relieve points on the streets it's more efficient to have an operator meet another operators on both the rail and bus side we want to revisit those locations every operator will makes relieve will make the relief in a location there's a supervisor or manager that can answer questions and give them combines as to what might be going on in the system those are some right of short term actions we're doing to deal with the service and capacity issues you
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mentioned the vehicle side of it we have improved the maintenance program and looking at the preventive maintenance skefldz making them better fit the mime of the fleet and created a strong qualify assurance we've doubled the number of rail parts we're focusing on doing the prevent of preventive maintenance and with our support we look at the report on the cars they need work constantly some of them maybe here as long as 10 years we need to focus on the key systems that are failing and ata any muni riders knows
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occasionally you, you see waters dripping down on you and the cause of that is basically, the cooling system has not been replaced in over 10 years that's one of the things we need to focus on and focus on the doors and finally on this one we need to leverage newest facility and muni on third and 25th it got the most room and the most potential we've started the process to build that out and make it a full service maintenance facility some of what has happened this is not a reason to stop and applaud but this is a good trend typical mean distance between failure it's a trend you're starting off low and moving in the right direction it's might have and consistent we


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